Saturday, June 19, 2021

My art photo in the exhibition "Science in Art" Moscow.

June 7 - June 20. It is now!

Science in art - SKOLKOVO PLAZA FEST
(works illustrating scientific progress).
"Skolkovo Plaza Show Festival" Moscow, Skolkovo innovation center.


"Apple Light".
My art photo in the exhibition "Science in Art" Moscow, is infrared photography of luminescence in the 720-1000 nm range.

In the photo - Invisible re-emits infrared light.

Author's technique of shooting.
Matrix Toshiba HEZ1 TOS-5105.
Spectrosil 2000 matrix filter.
SCHOTT 715 camera filter.

The exhibition is organized: Eurasian Art Union.

Publication of the exhibition: Catalog: "Skolkovo Plaza Show Festival".

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