My name is Evgeniya.
I observe the world in the ultraviolet and infrared part of the spectrum with various special equipment, and self-made combinations of equipment.
I publish the steps of my journey, into the world beyond the perception of the human eye. I publish my new photos, description of the equipment that I used, some stages of creating a photo, and my observations in the process of work.

You can see some the results of my work:

Infrared photo - reflected IR light or combined IR with visible.


Infrared luminescence (IR LUM) - photo in range 600-1000 nm.


Photo of visible luminescence, UV induced in range 300-450 nm.


Pure reflected ultraviolet photo in range 325-400 nm, or combined with visible.


And several other combinations.


Testing of some type of equipment.


I suggest:

Print and shipping my UVIR photo for you. Printed photo with my signature, as a physical work of art. You can receive the product by mail, shipping worldwide. These art photo made in the infrared or ultraviolet spectrum or with any combined way, as multispectral photography. The number of copies printed is limited (only 11), each copy has a signature and number.

Shop of the Print UVIR photo.

Print and shipping my monthly UVIR photo or Your Exclusive choice.

This content is completely exclusive: I never transfer copyrights to all my UVIR photos.
This content cannot be used digitally, nowhere, except pages on my personal site www.evgeniyakorneeva.ru
my pages on https://uvircolor.photographer.ru

and my blog uvircolor.blogspot.com

You are welcome!

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